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Transform the way you diagnose dermatophyte nail infections with the Dermatophyte Test Strip, a clinical test for nail infection which gives accurate
results in under 5 minutes.

The Dermatophyte Test Strip (DTS) is a major breakthrough in dermatophyte diagnosis. A simple test undertaken in clinic which returns accurate and clear results in under 5 minutes. Simply place the nail sample in the plastic tube, add some buffer and stir. Then place the test strip into the solution and remove. The strip will indicate the presence or absence of dermatophytes in under five minutes by a simple colour change.

How to use the test

All about dermatophytes

Advantages of the Dermatophyte Test Strip
  • ​Easy to use
  • Rapid results in just a few minutes, whilst the patient is in the chair!
  • No need to send your nail clippings to the laboratory and await results
  • Scientifically proven to give accurate and reliable results
  • Can detect the presence of all the common dermatophytes in a small sample of nail
  • A simple test that can be charged for as part of your business model
  • Immediate diagnosis, allowing you to advise the patient accordingly and treat the infection without delay.
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