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Footfall Update - October 2018

Thank you to all our customers who have bought the dermatophyte test strip. October sees the first signs of Autumn and that "winter is coming" feeling. As we move towards this, Footfall Medical is just approaching its first anniversary since our launch at the College of Podiatry Conference in November 2017.

We are pleased to say the company continues to grow as we approach the end of the first year of trading. Unfortunately, due to the growth we are now charging VAT on all orders. This should not affect customers who are already VAT registered. However, as a autumn offering for all our customers, from 1st October we will be offering FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

If you are not a business charging VAT then you may wish to review the price of the test to your patients to accommodate this, but even so, the cost of individual test strips are still well below the charges and time involved in using a local laboratory service. In addition, the accuracy of this test remains high compared to other means. Finally the long shelf life of the product means that you won't have to end up discarding unused tests.

Finally, we will be making an announcement shortly about an exciting development for all our this space.

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